What We Do

Fresh Biz Solutions offers you support in three key performance areas or levels:

  1. For your Individual Performers, we provide one-on-one coaching, custom training solutions, and tailored individual development plans

  2. For your Processes, we design, document, and improve departmental and operational functions; align your (people) systems and procedures; and provide tools to sustain efficiencies

  3. For your Organization, we help define and articulate strategic priorities, align your team contributions, and maximize your human capital efforts

When we can help you get all three performance areas working at their peak, you can achieve optimal performance. In other words, when your (company) engine is firing on all cylinders, that’s when it performs at its best!


Adapted from Improving Performance: How to Manage the White Space on the Organizational Chart by Geary Rummler and Alan Brache, 1995


So, whether you need a training session or a meeting event facilitated, a better way of doing things, or a major change effort undertaken, look no further.


    Fresh Biz Solutions® is the one-stop-shop for all your performance improvement needs!




What is Performance?

Understanding our approach to Performance

Imagine that you just returned from attending a concert or play. When asked “How was it?”, you answer, “It was good”.

What do you really mean by that statement? Do you mean the musicians and/or actors (individual performers) were talented? Do you mean that the sheet music or script (process) was entertaining and well written? Or do you mean that the musicians and actors worked well together under the leadership of the conductor or director (organization) to produce something valuable? Something that you felt was worth your hard-earned money for the price of the tickets?

Performance is about factors like culture, mission, goals, workflow, tools, environment, knowledge, and skills all working together to produce something valuable to the customer. So regardless of the organization that produces the performance (i.e. an orchestra, theatre troop, restaurant operation, retail store, software company, or law firm), performance is about the results.


Now, take a look at our core service offerings