Interpersonal Skills Programs

We offer an extensive suite of training topics and provide solutions that meet your specific learning needs and budget objectives. We can also provide support before and after the session(s) to allow you to get the most from your training investment.

The ability to effectively and positively interact with others can be the cornerstone of personal and professional success. Let Fresh Biz Solutions® deliver one or more of our successful Interpersonal Skills programs to you and your team. We offer a number of  classes for business owners, supervisors, and professionals. These classes are typically half or full-day sessions and provide participants with the personal insights and practical skills needed to improve their ability to relate to others, handle change, and avoid difficult situations.


We can also customize and combine individual modules or classes into a comprehensive program to meet your specific needs and goals.


Choose from a wide selection of popular options, such as:


  • Effective Communication, a full-day program that helps participants learn how to effectively present their thoughts and ideas, as well as how to use active listening skills.
  • Navigating Change, a half-day program that presents participants with an approach to navigating change and to developing personal strategies for dealing effectively with difficult transitions.
  • Conflict Management, can be delivered as a half or full-day program. The half-day program allows participants to gain a greater understanding of conflict and learn effective techniques to address conflict when it arises. We also provide a full-day program that includes the use of the Thomas-Kilmann instrument and allows participants to gain a greater awareness of their individual orientation towards conflict management.
  • Handling Emotions Under Pressure, a half-day program that provides a process for handling emotions in daily work situations. Participants learn to remain calm and objective, to recover quickly and help others do the same, and take charge in difficult circumstances to keep the discussion moving forward.
  • DiSC – Dimensions of Behavior™, a half-day program that gives participants a more in-depth understanding of their own behavioral preferences and how to better relate to others, such as customers, co-workers, vendors, etc.

These programs are examples of our Interpersonal Skills offerings. Contact us directly to discuss which programs and delivery options will work best for your specific needs and objectives.








Delivery Options

Most training programs can be delivered in a number of different formats, including:

  • Instructor-Led Training – We deliver the program of your choice to your team members
  • Facilitated Custom Training – We customize and deliver a program to your specific needs and objectives
  • Online / Virtual Training – We customize and deliver a program to your remote audience via an online, virtual classroom format
  • Training-in-a-Box – We provide all the necessary materials and train your facilitators to deliver our standard or custom training programs

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