Human Capital Management

With our extensive hands-on experience and working knowledge, we provide our customers with the solutions they need to select, manage, and retain the top talent that will execute their strategy and ensure business continuity.

At the center of our approach is a list of validated and broadly accepted competencies that reflect the unique attributes that are needed to successfully perform fundamental activities or roles. Then we build and align the people systems around helping team members achieve success for themselves and the business.



Competency Models

  • Identify the behaviors, knowledge, and motivations important to successful performance in each target role

  • Group these elements into competencies

  • Determine those that are essential for effective performance in the target role

What we deliver:
A comprehensive report that explains in detail what the core competencies are for the target role, and how the process was completed.





Job Descriptions

  • Ensure that the current descriptions reflect the true activities and needs of the position

  • Update the documentation using best-practices to meet/exceed DOL standards

  • Validate the final descriptions match the organization’s compensation structure

What we deliver:
An updated or new Job Description document that is consistent with your organization's existing documentation format, tier and compensation structure, etc.





Interview Guides

  • Role-specific tool that focuses on evaluating a candidate’s skills, knowledge, and abilities against the desired competencies

  • Framework to support a comprehensive and efficient selection process

  • Train interviewers on how to use the tool while conducting behavioral-based interviews

What we deliver:
One or more guides for each target role that include step-by-step reminders for each stage of the interview process, sample questions for each core competency, and rating system to help determine the best-fit candidate.





Performance Management

  • Ensure that the current process, tools, and materials are culturally aligned and focus on what really matters for individual and organizational success

  • Validate that all key elements are included in the assessment (i.e. organizational goals/results, individual goals/results, competency ratings, etc.)

  • Update the process, tools, and materials to include agreed upon changes

What we deliver:
Revised or new Performance Review process, tools, and/or materials aligned with the organizational culture, mission, and values, as well as the role-specific competencies.





Development Programs

  • Conduct a review of existing, in-house training and development programs

  • Match training and development solutions with identified competencies

  • Empower ownership of development plans and create accountabilities for execution

What we deliver:
A comprehensive list of development solutions for each target competency that can be used in creating individual development plans.





Career Path Planning

  • Provide stakeholders with a clear view of what competencies are needed to be successful in each role and to progress in the organization

  • Align and compare the core competencies from position to position in the organizational hierarchy

  • Provide a roadmap for professional career growth that encourages open discussion and self-development

What we deliver:
A visual layout and progression depicting the evolution, continuation, or changes of the core competencies from position to position in the organizational hierarchy





Succession Planning

  • Provide stakeholders with tools, systems, and knowledge to objectively assess the needs of the organization against the existing internal talent

  • Provide the means to characterize each employee in appropriate terms
    Make determinations about available successors and their readiness to ensure business continuity

  • Create the necessary plans to develop or acquire the talent needed to fill key positions

What we deliver:
A comprehensive program that supports the organization’s need for ready talent to fulfill the strategic objectives and ensure business continuity.




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