About Elia

Fresh Biz Solutions, LLC is a performance consulting and training provider that helps companies of all sizes develop their greatest asset, improve business results, and reap the benefits of a comprehensive Human Capital Management strategy.


Dr. Elia Gourgouris is a dynamic oral communicator with 25 years of relationship-building and problem-solving skills. With the strength of his psychology background and focus on personal accountability, he has helped executives to envision and achieve greater professional and personal success.


Over the years, he has gained the unparalleled trust of many individuals, companies, non-profits, and government groups. Working together with top leadership, he has helped resolve difficult personnel issues and built strong alliances within previously fractured organizations.



For almost 20 years of his professional career, Dr. Elia maintained private practices in both California and Colorado to support individual and group psychotherapy. Since 2005 however, he has progressively transitioned into a number of business-related areas including Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Strategic Planning, and Team Building, where his abilities and expertise have enabled him to help senior leaders and teams overcome some of their most challenging issues.


Dr. Elias' coaching and development engagements have included clients from the US Air Force, Puget Sound Energy, Legacy Alliance, and others. He has also participated in work for the Summit Leadership Group, which includes participants from the US Department of Defence and the US Space Command.


Dr. Elia is the published author of more than 150 articles, 2 CD's, and an upcoming book (2012). He has been the Keynote Speaker at Universities, at Women's organizations, and other groups. He is currently serving as the Mayor Pro-Tem for the Town of Superior, while in the past he served as VP on the HOA Board of Directors overseeing 2,800 homes.


Dr Elia's volunteerism includes work at an orphanage in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake, and a week-long building project through Habitat for Humanity in North Dakota. He is a former national swimming champion, and remains actively involved in the Boy Scouts of America and his church.


Education & Credentials

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